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Anyone considering the use of anafranil sr hydrochloride in a child or adolescent must balance the potential risks with the clinical need.

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Sizus symptoms a sv allgic action (.g., swlling ac and tongu, diiculty bathing, hivs)

Th sid cts listd blow a not xpincd by vyon whtaks this mdication. I you a concnd about sid cts, discuss th isks and bnits this mdication with you docto.

Mdications oth than th ons listd abov may intact with this mdication. Tll you doctpscib about all psciption, ov-th-count (non-psciption), and hbal mdications that you a taking. Alstll thm about any supplmnts you tak. Sinc cain, alcohol, th nicotin om cigatts, stt dugs can act th Buy actoplus metformin action many mdications, you should lt you pscib know i you us thm.

Dnot us Anaanil i you hav usd an MAO inhibitin th past 14 days. A dangous dug intaction could occu. MAO inhibitos includ isocaboxazid, linzolid, mthyln blu injction, phnlzin, asagilin, slgilin, tanylcypomin, and oths.

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