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Because calcitriol is the generic alternative for rocaltrol, there are no manufacturer-sponsored coupons available.

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Calcitriol increases inorganic phosphate levels in serumWhile this is desirable in patients with hypophosphatemiacaution is called for in patients with renal failure because of the danger of ectopic calcificationA non-aluminum phosphate-binding compound and a low-phosphate diet should be used to control serum phosphorus levels in patients undergoing dialysis.

Magnesium-containing preparationsegantacidsand Rocaltrolcalcitriolshould not be used concomitantly in patients on chronic renal dialysis because such use may lead to the development of hypermagnesemia.

Because of improved calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tractsome patients on Rocaltrolcalcitriolmay be maintained on a lower calcium intakePatients who tend to develop hypercalcemia may require only low doses of calcium or no supplementation at all.

Are allergic to calcitriolvitamin D or forms of vitamin Dor any ingredients of the medication have high levels of calcium in the blood have high levels of vitamin D in the blood.

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rocaltrol has active ingredients of calcitriol.

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